Privacy Rights

Rep. Straus has been very concerned about the loss of privacy for citizens and its result in problems such as identity theft. As a legislator he has filed and advocated for a number of measures to enhance an individual’s ability to protect themselves. For example, he was the original sponsor of the State Do-Not-Call list which presently has over one million consumers. To register for the Do-Not-Call list, simply click on this link and follow the instructions. [ Do Not Call List ].

Here are the other “Privacy Bills� that Rep. Straus sponsored:

[H. 143] which will prohibit the use of social security numbers for identification purposes.
[H. 218] which limits the Registry of Motor Vehicles from releasing such information as home addresses, digital images, telephone numbers and medical information.
[H. 1810] which will limit supermarkets from releasing private information regarding their consumers.
[H. 295] , also sponsored by Rep. Straus regulates the rights of consumers of financial institutions.”

Protect Your Social Security Number
Use of your Social Security number for identification purposes is a leading cause of Identity Theft. If you are a state employee, the Group Insurance Commission will use your SS# as your Identification number for health insurance records. Under legislation authored by Bill Straus, you have the right to request a separate identification number from the GIC by writing to:

Nancy Bolduc, Director of Operations
Group Insurance Commission
PO Box 8747
Boston, MA 02114-8474