As a Representative, Bill has been a strong advocate for public education in Massachusetts. He was there to vote in favor of the 1993 Education Reform Law which now brings over a billion dollars a year in state assistance to our schools in Massachusetts. In Fairhaven, for example, annual state funding for schools has climbed from $3 million a year in the early 1990′s to approximately $6 million a year today. Unless this funding is provided, the costs would ultimately be borne by increases in local property taxes. more on education

The Environment

Bill Straus has been at the forefront of efforts to protect the environment and the unique coastal areas of southeastern Massachusetts.

Bill introduced and won passage of new laws protecting drinking water supplies in Fairhaven, Marion and Mattapoisett as well as a model open space program for Marion. He has proposed new tax incentives statewide for the protection of open space. He secured state funding for the reconstruction of the Mattapoisett boat ramp and needed herring run repairs on the Mattapoisett River. more on the environment

Healthcare and Seniors issues

Bill Straus has been among the state legislature’s leaders in offering initiatives to reduce prescription drug prices for people in Massachusetts. He was among the first to offer legislation permitting bulk purchasing by the State as a way to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. For several years, he served as a member of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Health Care. more on healthcare and senior issues

Privacy Rights

Rep. Straus has been very concerned about the loss of privacy for citizens and its result in problems such as identity theft. As a legislator he has filed and advocated for a number of measures to enhance an individual’s ability to protect themselves. For example, he was the original sponsor of the State Do-Not-Call list which presently has over one million consumers. more on privacy rights